Boston Coffee Company offers a selection of whole bean and pre-ground coffees


Ideal for use with Filter, French Press and Percolator methods of brewing, in addition to an excellent Espresso blend ideal for use as the base for Lattes, Cappuccino and Mochas.


We also offer a good selection of Instant coffee suitable for use in Automatic coffee and espresso machines. These instant coffees are formulated for an authentic, brewed taste. Powdered milks and chocolates are designed to respond well to rehydration with excellent taste, texture and flavour.


All of our coffees are roasted specifically for

The Boston Coffee Company and cannot be found anywhere else.


We also offer a "House Blend" and bagging service with your establishement's logo and bespoke design on the bags. Please see

Design + Marketing for more information




Our instant coffee are intended for use with automatic or self-service coffee and espresso machines.


If you require information or pricing for such instant coffees, please contact us directly for more information and a quote.

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